View of the Millau viaduct in Aveyron
Canoeing in the Gorges du Tarn
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Discovering the treasures of Aveyron and the most beautiful tourist sites around the campsite

Parc du Charouzech located in the heart of Aveyron, near Rodez and Millau, allows you to explore numerous touristic sites in Aveyron within a distance of 50 km. Boat tours on Lake Pareloup, visits of the villages of Salles-Curan and La Couvertoirade, the famous Caves de Roquefort…

 Lake Pareloup in Aveyron

Lake Pareloup and its surroundings

It is located in Aveyron at an altitude of 805 meters and it is fed by water from streams, the water is clear and of good quality.

It is a flood barrier, one of the biggest site of hydroelectric production. At the end of the second world war, in 1947 (until 1952), EDF created the lake in order to provide France with energy. Lake Pareloup is made up of 120 kilometers of shoreline. It is one of the best spot for fishing.

A guided boat tour of the lake is possible from the local beach of Verhnes. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the lake offered by the hike called « Vierge des Lacs».

Village of Salles-Curan

The village is 8 minutes away from the campsite by car.
Signs are posted in the village for you to visit (church…).
On Saturday morning and Tuesday afternoon: markets

 Village of Salles-Curan

Emblematic sites in Aveyron

From north to south, you can find many emblematic sites in Aveyron. The central location of the campsite allows you to reach the different villages and cities where you can discover our preserved heritage.

In the south of Aveyron

Visit of the Caves de Roquefort

Visit of the Caves de Roquefort

Roquefort is the most famous cheese in Aveyron. It is one of the jewels of French gastronomy and has its own worldwide reputation. It is considered to be the king of cheese. The Caves du Roquefort, ventilated by the fleurines, natural cracks in the rock formed after the collapse of the Combalou mountain a million years ago, house thousands of cheeses.

. Visit of the fortified village of Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon.
. Rail bike route of Larzac.
. Visit of the templar commandery of La Cavalerie.

La Couvertoirade

Discovery of the territory of La Couvertoide: built by the Templars, it was a centre of agricultural exploitation. On this land and with the help of local farmers, they developed cereal production, horse breeding for war and sheep breeding for meat, skins and milk. A hamlet that you can still see today was built around the castle. The Order of the Temple was dissolved in 1312. The Hospitallers became the new masters of La Couvertoirade and took over the exploitation of the whole site. The village was affected by the rural exodus, but the quality of its heritage enabled it to revive. It opened up to tourism early, in the second half of the 19th century.

La Couvertoirade
The Gorges du Tarn

The Gorges du Tarn and the listed village of Saint-Enimie

Many outdoor activities, kayaking, canoeing, climbing, high ropes course…

Located in the heart of the Grands Causses regional park, the Gorges du Tarn are renowned for the extraordinary natural beauty of this deep canyon with its steep walls reaching up to 500 metres in height in some places.

• Visit of the village of Montpellier-Le-Vieux : nature leisure park in the biggest rock labyrinth in Europe. Walking/hiking, mini-train, via ferrata…

• Visit of the Aven Armand cave.

Visit of the city of Millau (Beffroi, Ganterie Fabre et Causses, Millau Museum, Friday market), visit of the Millau viaduct area to learn everything about this exceptional piece of work, boat trip on the Tarn and under the Millau viaduct.

• Visit of the village of PEYRE « most beautiful villages in France » on the banks of the Tarn where you can enjoy the breathtaking view on the Millau viaduct .

• Visit of the villages of Saint Rome de Tarn and Saint Victor de Melvieu : mini-train...


Department capital of Aveyron, Rodez is known for its famous Art Museum and contemporary paintings, the Soulages Museum displaying works by the artist Pierre Soulages as well as works by contemporary artists.
Located at the foot of Notre-Dame Cathedral, one of the most imposing Gothic cathedrals in the south of France, built over three centuries.

Market on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Rodez and the Soulages Museum


Visit of the village ofBelcastel listed « most beautiful villages in France ».

This is an invitation to take some time to discover and admire the heritage. Among its civil buildings, you can discover the old stone bridge over the Aveyron and the castle of Belcastel.

In the north of Aveyron

• Visit of the village of Bozouls built around an outstanding geological site « le Trou de Bozouls », a real canyon immersed in vegetation.

• Visit of the village of Saint Côme d’Olt listed « most beautiful villages in France » and its church with its « flamed » bell tower.

• Visit of the village of Estaing, listed « most beautiful villages in France » and its castle.

• Visit of the village of Forge de Laguiole», excellent cutlery industry, workshop-boutique, engraving and sharpening of your knives.


Visit of the village of Conques « plus beaux village de France », and visit of theCistercian abbey with its stained glass windows made by Pierre Soulages. TheSainte-Foy abbey preserves a treasure of unique artworks from the Carolingian period.

Conques is a very popular stop on the way of St-James.

The village of Conques
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