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Campsite nearby Rodez located in Aveyron Millau Viaduct
Fishing at Lake Pareloup in Aveyron
Tourism in Aveyron La Couvertoirade
Conques village in Aveyron situated a few kilometers from the campsite Parc du Charouzech
Camping Parc du Charouzech  Lac de Pareloup 12410 SALLES-CURAN (Aveyron – France)  +33 (0) 5 65 46 01 11     GPS : 44°11'46.4"N 2°45'22.0"E

From the campsite Parc du Charouzech go visit some close touristic sites and the town of Rodez

Le Parc du Charouzech situated in the heart of Aveyron near Rodez and Millau offers you, within 50 km, to discover numerous amazing touristic sites of the departement.

Lake Pareloup and his surroundings

It has an altitude of 805 meters and is supplied by streams waters, the quality water is very clear.

It is a flood barrier and it is one of the biggest hydroelectric production site. At the end of the second world war, in 1947 (until 1952), EDF has created a lake in order to provide France with energetic substance. Lake Pareloup is made up of 120 kilometers of banks. It is famous for being full of fishes and very well known for fish.

Guided tour by "promenade" boat of the lake is possible from the local Verhnes beach. Discover a magneficient panoramic view across the lake with the hiking of the lakes virgin.

Salles-Curan village

The village is 8 minutes away by car of the campsite.
Signs show you the way inside the village to visits monuments (church…).
Saturday morning and tuesday afertnoon: markets.

Aveyron's iconic site

From North to South, plenty of Aveyron's symbolic sites. The campsite is located in the center of the department. It is the perfect localisation to reach different villages and cities where you can discover our preserved heritage.

Aveyron's south

Visit the Roquefort's cellars

Roquefort cheese is the most famous cheese in Aveyron. It is one of the jewels of the French gastronomy to the world fame. He is considered the king of cheeses. The cellars of Roquefort broken down by the flowers, natural fissures in the rock shaped after the collapse of the Combalou mountain, a million years ago, are home to thousands of cheeses.

• Visit of the fortified village of Sainte-Eulalie-de-Cernon.
• Rail bike of Larzac
• Visit The Cavalerie Templar commandery

La Couvertoirade, the city of the Templars

The territory of the Couvertoirale stretches on the regional natural parc Grand Causses and on the part of the Causse of Larzac.
The Couvertoirade built by the Templars was an agricultural exploitation center. On those lands, they developed, with the help of the native rural population, the ceral production, the horse breeding to war and sheeps for the meat, the skins and the milk.
A hamlet still visible nowadays was built over time around the castle. The order of Temple was dissolved in 1312. The Hospitallers became the new masters of the Coivertoirade and take in the entire site.
The village is touched by rural exodus, but the quality of his heritage makes it relive.
It opened to tourism in an early way, since the second half of the XX century.

the Gorges du Tarn

Situated in the heart of the Regional Parc Grand Causses, les Gorges du Tarn are famous for the amazing natural beauty of the deep canyon wich the abrupt faces are up to 500 meters of height.
This territory stretches from the remarkable Causse Mejean in the North to the famous plateau of Larzac on the South passing by the Sauveterre and the Causse Noir, vast area of wild nature.
In the region of Aveyron and Lozere, you can do some beautiful horse or bike rides. You can also go in for numerous sportive activities in living water and in full nature or simply swim or fish in the transparent rivers.
You have the choice of practice numerous sports of full nature, air or water developed in the region : canoe, kayak, rafting or rock climbing, via ferrata, bungee jumping, speleology, paragliding and free flight.

• Visit the village of Montpellier-Le-Vieux: nature leisure park in the largest rock maze in Europe. Walk / hike, small train, via ferrata ...
• Visit the Cave of Aven Armand

• MILLAU: visit the city of MILLAU (Belfry, Ganterie Fabre and Causses, Museum of Millau, market on Friday), visit the area of the Viaduct of Millau to learn everything about this exceptional work, boat trip on the Tarn and passage under the Millau Viaduct.
• Visit the village of PEYRE "most beautiful villages of France" on the banks of the Tarn where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Millau Viaduct.

• Visit the villages of Saint Rome de Tarn and Saint Victor de Melvieu: small train ...


Chef-lieu of the department of Aveyron, Rode is known for its art and contemporary paintings museum, the Soulages museum presents the artwork of the artist Pierre Soulages and also artwork of contemporary artists, situated at the bottom of the Notre-Dame cathedral, one of the most imposing Gothic cathedrals in the South of France, built during three centuries. Among the sportive infrastructures, the Golf Blue Green in the Grand Rodez, situated in Onet-le-Château, offers to the golfers a convivial and modern course with an exceptional view on the city of Rodez and the surrounding countryside.


Situated between Villefranche-de-Rouergue and Rodez, Belcastel is a museum-village renovated by the architect Fernand Pouillon. It contains a medieval heritage of a rare wealth .The commune was a part, once, of the ancient province of the Rouergue. It is an invitation to take our time and admire the heritage. Among its civil edifices, you will discover the Old bridge of rocks spanning the Aveyron and Belcastel castle.

In the North of Aveyron

• Visit of Bozouls builded around the unusual geological site «le trou de Bozouls », it is a real canyon dug inside vegetation.

• Visit of the village Saint Côme d'Olt classified as «one of the most beautiful France village » and his church with his «flammé» (flame appearance) bell tower.

•Visit of Estaing classified as «one of the most beautiful France village » and his Château

Visit of «Laguiole Forge », excellence cutlery industry, workshop and boutique, engraving and sharpening of your knifes.


The village of Conques is situated at the confluence of the Dourdou and the Ouche, wich forms at this place a sort of shell, “Concha” in latin, “Conca” in occitan, wich gave its name to the village. Sainte-Foiy abbey preserves a treasure of unique art pieces from the carolingian age. The inside is decorated by Pierre Soulages’s stained glasses. Conques is a very important stop on the way to Saint-Jaques-de-Compostelle. That path crosses the Old “roman” bridge built in 1410, where flows the Dourdou.

Walk on the Aubrac plateau to admire majestic landscapes and the cows herds of Aubrac.
By traveling through magical landscapes, where the ever-changing light sculpts the curves and rocks, it creates a unique atmosphere, you will be invaded by emotions. Oxygenation assured.

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Camping Parc du Charouzech
 Lac de Pareloup 12410 SALLES-CURAN (Aveyron – France)
 +33 (0) 5 65 46 01 11
GPS : 44°11'46.4"N 2°45'22.0"E

Geographic situation in France of the campsite Parc du Charouzech in Aveyron
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